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Heart Beats – Review

Posted by Admin On August - 27 - 2007

There was a lot riding on Heart Beats, as director Vinoo Anand, Inderjeet and the young new faces promised to bring about a change in the turgid Malayalam commercial cinema. Alas, the young guns with a seasoned performer like Simran have failed to fire, as your heart bleeds looking at the future of Malayalam films! The trouble with the film is that it does not have a structured storyline and has continuity lags. The first time producer Dolly Jose has written the story with a veteran like Babu Janardanan writing the script. And director Vinoo Anand could not give it a cinematic touch and leaves it half baked!

The storyline is inane- Dr. Vinu John better known as Idikulla (Inderjit) in a flash back tells Inspector Basheer Ahmed (Biju Menon) investigating the Dr. Haritha suicide attempt case, about his college days in a private Medical college in Thiruvalla. Along with his gang of three merry rich kids (Shyam, Anoop Chandran, Manikandan) ruled the college.

Harita and Hari (Govindan Kutty) a poor student who got in on merit, both first year student put spokes in their plans, and they escape from police by going to a Christian divine center where they meet a mystery woman Thankam George (Simran). Idikulla falls for her, but she avoids him. Later Hari joins the gang and reforms them, and soon Idikulla meets Thankam once again which leads to further twists and misunderstandings.

Post interval, the story is confusing, and in the end we are told that Thankam George was a HIV positive, and she played a drama so that Idikulla will avoid her! And Idikulla misunderstands and takes revenge by telling Hari’s lover Harita, that Hari has Aids, and hence she attempts suicide!!!

Want to hear more on this dumb embarrassingly bad movie? Simran looks bad and to see her in a badly etched out role is sad.

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