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Ore Kadal – Review

Posted by Admin On August - 27 - 2007

The movie Ore Kadal is about a relationship between a renowned economist and a housewife. The story of love and lust which has been given life by two of the finest actors in Indian cinema in the lead role, Mammootty and Meera Jasmine with brilliant supportive performances by Narain and Ramya Krishnan, is so beautiful. Meera Jasmine has become one gem of an actor and you can see how naturally she fits into a role and delivers it to perfection. What the heck if she dances around or being glamorous in Tamil and Telugu movies, I am happy to see that she is being picky in Malayalam and gives us some memorable performances.

Mammootty has given a subtle, yet a very good performance in this movie. I do not understand why some of the die-hard Mohan Lal fans and some actors like Jagathy Sreekumar keeps questioning on Mammotty’s versatility. If there is one actor to be called versatile in Malayalam, I would say, it is Mammootty. He keeps challenging himself with varied roles and he succeeds in it. Nobody could thought of him doing a comic role, but he succeeded in it through a masala entertainer Raja Manikkyam. He did a villaneous role in Vidheyan while he was portrayed in an extremely opposite role in Ponthan Maada. He used to be hesitant of doing intimate scenes in the movies, but here in this movie you can see that he has gotten rid of that too.

To those who complain that Malayalam cinema is not doing good enough like in the old times, I would ask them to take a look little deeper and begin to appreciate the good movies which is usually called as “Award Cinema” or Parallel Cinema. Compared to the old days, the narrative and the filming of these movies have changed a lot to accommodate the change of times. If you are not watching it, and if you keep feeding the Antony Perumpavoors with your money and time, you have no rights to complain about the mainstream packs of junk.

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