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Kichamani MBA – Review

Posted by Admin On August - 28 - 2007

We have always prayed that Suresh Gopi try something different from his police or goonda roles that have been the staple of his career. His new film Kichamani MBA sees him in a different role (the comic flair getting some importance). The film, which is Samad Mankada’s directorial debut (who earlier produced a couple of films), begins refreshingly enough to make us believe that it may deliver on its promise. However, it turns out to be just another run of the mill stuff.

Kichamani (Suresh Gopi) lives off the corrupt system. He is the wheeler-dealer in the corridors of power. Any task could be accomplished, from reinstating a suspended police officer to getting admission in a private medical college, for a fee. You can even smuggle illicit liquor into the state without being caught if you have an out-pass issued by Kichamani Associates.

So far so good. But to bring conflict into play, Kichamani is provided with a nemesis in the form of Devanarayanan (Biju Menon), a politician who is (for whatever reason) hell bent on breaking down the parallel administration run by our man. The whole film becomes a game of one-upmanship between the two. The slugfest between the cronies on both sides becomes the impetus for comedy.
And, as in every other Suresh Gopi film, Kichamani MBA is also loaded with topical issues like the demolition drive carried out under the supervision of the chief minister himself and the infighting among the different groups in the ruling coalition. There is one that leaves us wondering why MBA is used as a tag in the title. At first we may mistake it as Kichamani’s job of an administrator. But no, it is just an acronym for Members of Bachelors Association, with no convincing explanation given for it, except for the fact Kichamani is a devotee of Lord Ayyappa.

As for the comic role by Suresh Gopi, he is given a lilting singsong kind of speech with every dialogue ending with a Narayana (he addresses everyone like that). He has a peculiar gait that makes him look like he has springs fitted on his feet and a hairstyle that changes virtually in every shot, going from fringy to a decent crew cut. The whole package seems quite amusing for the first few minutes only.

Navya Nair as TV journalist Shivani Menon from New Delhi making a documentary on illegally owned land by Devanarayanan, succeeds in giving some happy moments in an otherwise clich�d role of a heroine who questions the wayward ways of the hero. The supporting ensemble of Cochin Haneefa, Salim Kumar, Jayasurya, Idduki Jaffer and others provide sustained comic situations.
On the whole, Kichamani MBA tries to be different, but Samad Mankada’s first directorial venture ends up being not very different from a typical Suresh Gopi film.

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