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Pritvi is a naxalite!

Posted by Admin On November - 16 - 2007

Pritviraj has given priority dates to debutant director Madhupal for his Thalapavu, on the strength of his script! Madhupal is a Malayalam actor who has done quite a few films in supporting actor’s role, and is an intellectual and a writer. In Thalapavu, Pritviraj plays a fiery naxalite leader Joseph, who organizes the landless labourers of Wayanad of the 1970’s and fights against the feudal landlords. The film is based on a real life incident which shocked the people in the state when a retired police constable confessed about how he killed a famous naxal leader in cold blood.

A clean shaven Lal, plays constable Ravindran Pillai, whose friendship and respect for Joseph is the crux around which the film revolves. Bollywood actor Atul Kulkarni plays the villainous landlord, while Meera Krishna is the heroine.

The film has been shot in Thodupuzha by cameraman Azhagappan, and has lyrics by ONV, set to music by Alex Paul. Thalapavu, produced by Civic Cinema is going to be a landmark film of Pritviraj.

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