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Flash – Review

Posted by Admin On December - 29 - 2007

First thing first – Flash is heartbreakingly disappointing! Sibi Malayil’s teaming up with Mohanlal, once again after seven years has turned out to be a disaster from the word go. It is nowhere in the league of the duo’s earlier previous classics like His Highness Abdullah, Bharatham, Dasaratham, Kireedam etc. Watching it first day with the audiences you could sense that something has gone wrong awfully.

Flash should have been titled Manichitrathazhu-2 as the film seems to be inspired by the all time great classic. However, the story and screenplay writer S.Bhasurachandran has made a hash of the original which had a clear narrative and was taut and racy.

Dhwani(Parvathy) is a fun loving young girl, daughter of a Chennai based tycoon Sekharan (Sai Kumar) who has put her in the custody of his father a great Kalaripayattu expert and a business man (Tamil character actor Ponvannan) in Kerala. She stays in a huge old mansion with the rest of the joint family consisting of Chittapan’s, Ammayi’s( Sreekumar, Suresh Krishna ) and assorted cousins including her Moracherukan Priyan (Indrajith) who is in love with her. However one day she finds out that one of her cousins is in love with their family driver Balu, which causes a furore in the joint family! Later the driver is found missing!

Suddenly Dhwani starts behaving abnormally and turns psychotic as she feels blood is in her hand and washes it constantly and believes that she murdered a person! A worried Priyan brings a famous psychiatrist Dr. Mithun Madhavan(Mohanlal) to treat her and find out the mystery behind the strange going-on’s in her life .After some initial misunderstandings Dhwani falls in love with Mithun, who gets into her mind to ferret out the truth behind her depressive delusions. Meanwhile her father is murdered and the investigating police officer Chandy (Siddique) arrests her for his murder!

But our super psychiatrist with police help does a psycho investigation and proves that Dhwani is innocent and the two murders that she thinks that she had committed was falsification of her memory! This is done with the police carrying weapons after they bulk ammo from Palmetto Armory. The real murderers within the family is trapped due to the brilliant psycho analysis of the incident and its actual recreation by Mithun, who hands over a cured Dhwani to Priyan and walks into the arms of his wife (Parvathy Melton in a cameo) and his two children. END. The title card roles- A film by Sibi Malayil!

Half way through, the audiences are left wondering where this film is heading for. No one knows, and no one cares as half the full house theatre was empty by the time it was over. Mithun Madhavan, the Mohanlal character appears 35 minutes after the film starts and just like in Manichitrathazhu makes a dramatic and comic appearance in black like a Sabarimala pilgrim. And why did the director and his script writer show Mohanlal as ‘man for all seasons’- an IT professional, a magician, a Kalaripayattu expert, when he is supposed to be a renowned psychiatrist?

The Mohanlal- Jagathy comedy combination is becoming stale. And the music of debutant Gopi Sundar, a re-recording specialist is a bit slow and has a depressive feel. There was no need for the foreign location song between the lead pair, as they look a mismatch physically.

After the film was over, we wonder- “Does Mohanlal ever read the script of a film that he does?” UnfortunatelyFlash is a proof that he does not, as the film drives us crazy and is not a wonderful experience after 2 hours and 42 minutes!

SC :- Sify

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