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Kangaroo – Review

Posted by Admin On December - 29 - 2007

Pritviraj wants to be the next superstar of Malayalam cinema, especially after the sweet success of Chocolate! So he goes with his lucky mascot, giving English title Kangaroo, which is a B-grade formula film with comedy, action, family sentiments, dream songs picturised like in Tamil/Telugu films. Director Raj Babu is a past master in mixing old movies and serving it hot for the new season. He has mixed Mohanlal’s Aai Auto and Dileep’s Kochi Rajavu to get the background of auto drivers and their problems. Since it is Christmas time, for additional benefits he has set the story in a Christian milieu with lots of ladies sentiments thrown in for good measure. Jose Kutty (Pritviraj) has a Masters degree in Commerce, is unemployed so is forced to become an auto driver as he has a large family consisting of an aging mother, a useless elder brother (Jagathy) who pretends to be mentally unstable and two sisters, one of whom is married but is staying with him along with her conman husband (Salim Kumar).

The only way out as suggested by his friend Panchayat member Papi Kunju (Harisri Asokhan) a union leader and marriage broker is to marry an unwed mother Nancy (Kaveri) sister of the richest man in town Mekalathu Stephen (Lalu Alex). But already Jose Kutty has a silent love for Jhancy (Kavya Madhavan), a girl who had left her mobile in his auto. Papi Kunju arranges for a meeting with Nancy, but due to a mix-up he meets Jhancy her sister and readily agrees to marry her.

Due to further confusion created by Papi and circumstances he is forced to claim he is the father of the child! Meanwhile Stephen’s hatchet man Monachan (Jayasurya) who has an eye on Nancy complicates things further and declares war on Jose Kutty. Adding a further twist Nancy is found hanging on her engagement day! Jose has now to look after the baby, and he does it in style by stitching a Kangaroo pouch and taking him around (hence the title!). The rest of the film is how Jose Kutty and his auto friends nail Monachan for the murder of Nancy and later unite the lovers.

Pritviraj has the making of the next superstar, and does a good job in holding the film together. Pritvi and Kavya make a nice romantic pair and the dream song is well shot. Why did Kaveri chose this stupid role of Nancy for her comeback? Jayasurya must have realized that to stay afloat he has to do the villain role. Kangaroo is a time-pass flick that should have been crisper as it drags in the first half. But nevertheless, go, have your share of fun.

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