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Another star divorce: Meera Vasudevan

Posted by Admin On January - 7 - 2008

Another star has headed the divorce way. Meera Vasudevan her debut in Malayalam was Tanmathra, has filed a petition in the court for a divorce from her husband Vishal Agarwal.

The pair are blaming each other for the failure of their marriage.

Says Meera with tears in her eyes, ” I married Vishal at a very young age of 23 because he was the son of cameraman Ashok Kumar. They used to make me act in movies and then spend the money according to their wishes. I do not have even 1000 rupees with me now. Everything has been taken by them. All my policies, jewelry is with them.

My husband Vishal used to come home drunk everyday and beat me up. They used to give me different kind of medicines to make me look like a mental patient. They did not let me speak to my mother for 2 years. If I come late from shooting they used to ask me whom I am sleeping with. They used to check my room during the night to see if anyone else was in the room. My husband’s mother and brother tried to get me involved in prostitution. Hence I did not find any other way out of this other than filing for marriage. getting in touch with Sterling Heights, MI family attorneys is very crucial in such cases, these are as important as any other case, there are law firms exclusively for everything these days, law firm for divorce, law firm for DUI defense, for property issues etc.

I thought they were a traditional family when I married Vishal. He is a person who cannot even earn Rs. 5000 to look after his wife and expects to live his life in his wife’s earnings. How can I live with such a person” Asks Meera

Vishal is not way behind piling accusitions on Meera. Says Vishal: I first saw Meera when she came to ask for a chance to act in a Telugu movie that my father was directing. Because we could not do that movie, my family is in difficulties. She asked us if we will allow her to stay in our house and search for oppurtunities in Chennai as she does not know anyone here. She stayed with us for 3 months and we also looked for oppurtunities for her. Then her mother approched me and asked me to marry her. I also married her on humaritarian basis.

She used our family name to get oppurtunities in the cine field. She used to spend more than what she earned and when asked about it she would take a knife and say the she will hurt herself and then put the blame on us. We then came to know that she is a metally affected girl and had been taking medication in mumbai before she came to chennai.

I dedicated my whole life to her by being her manager, organizer like a pet animal. Her mother who did not care for her or talk to her before has now come into her life when she has started earning. Her mother is poisoning Meera’s mind. I still love her. She should come out of this soon. If she still goes ahead with this legally, We’ll also take the legal route. Says Vishal.

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