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Akasha Gopuram – Preview

Posted by Admin On March - 2 - 2008

After his recent debacles in commercial cinema, Mohanlal is finally coming up with a role that will once again portray his versatile skills to enliven the characters to perfection. K P Kumaran’s  ‘Aakasha Gopuram’ will be a milestone in the actor’s career as he plays Albert Samson, an character built on  the  famous classic ‘Master Builder’ by Norwegian playwright Henrik Johan Ibsen. The film with a unique theme of romance, lust and greed is made as a tribute to Ibsen in his death centenary year.

‘Aakasha Gopuram’, set in an imaginary town tells the story of Albert Samson (Mohanlal), a middle-aged architect who is ready to sacrifice anything for art. Though, he has pulled up his way to fame, his determination only on his career success for fended Samson and his family from leading a meaningful life.

Samson in his early years has struggled much to reach up to his ambitions. Then, he worked with his employer Abraham Thomas, who supported him in his endeavors. Samson started building churches and after a while, easily climbed lanes of glory, when he attempted building villas. He even exploited Abraham, his former employer, to reach the top, which in turn has made the later, his assistant. Samson managed to marry Alice, the daughter of a British Duke but with the death of her parents and her children, she ceased sympathizing with Samson and started leading a frustrated life. Samson also very soon realized that just like his own life, not every thing was good in the houses that he had built, along the years. Thomas, now dying, wanted his son Alex to have more independence in the firm but Samson fearing the caliber of the younger generation of architects refuses to allow Alex either to design original houses or to leave the firm.

 Samson’s life takes a new turn as Hilda Varghese, a spirited young woman who has idolized Samson for years, comes up to claim the ‘kingdom’ that Samson has offered her when she was just a girl of twelve. This promise was made when Samson built a large church in her hometown, ten years before and climbed to the top of its tower during its dedication ceremony.  And now Hilda sincerely has come to collect her kingdom. To fulfill her wish and for making  a perfect architecture for self satisfaction, Samson  begins to built a tower -a big one, poised to reach the sky – ‘Aakashagopuram’.

 ‘Aakashagopuram’ also has a rare distinction that it is one of the few international co-productions made in Malayalam. National and international award winning director K P Kumaran, returns to big screen after a gap of 6 year with the film.

“I had been trying to do this film for the last ten years. I did even plan the film against an Indian milieu, to be shot at Simla, Ooty and Moonar , but it never materialized. It was then the British company under Taizoon F. Khorakkiwala came forward to support the production. It was really a dream come true for me”, says Kumaran whose famous filmography includes Thotram, Athithi, Neram Pularumbol, Rugmini and Kattile Pattu among others. ‘Master Builder’ is a powerful psychological play written by Ibsen in his later years. The play even has some surrealistic elements. “I have tried to retain the basic character of the play, and the film is an adaptation of the play”, adds the renowned director.

Newcomer Nithya makes her debut performance as Hilda. Shweta Menon plays Alice while late Bharath Gopi plays Abraham Thomas in the film. Also in the cast are Sreenivasan, Manoj K Jayan and Geethu Mohandas in supporting roles.

The best of talent from India and UK have come together to create this engaging classic. The movie is shot entirely in various locations in UK by cinematographer Santosh C Thundiyil (Krish, Pinjar, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fame). Sabu Cyril is the production designer of the film while B Ajith Kumar does the editing.

One of the major highlights of the film is the music of John Altman, an Emmy award winning British composer (Goldeneye, Shall we Dance.).  He has composed a song I’m black…. for the film which is beautifully choreographed and picturised on Mohanlal and Shwetha by Sandeep Soparkar.

Produced in the banner of Medient international limited, ‘Akasha Gopuram’ will now grace the theatres by the third week of March.

3 Responses to “Akasha Gopuram – Preview”

  1. Villu Vijay says:

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  2. navin says:

    great attempt, its indeed deserve importance. not lik al films, a dramatic one, film in a holliwood finishing,picturization is best,
    njoyed first to d end.
    what cn i say,
    c it, n comment.

  3. Sasi Kumar says:

    Akashagopuram did impress me. Nice movie for the thinking lot. A refreshing movie.

    Clearly made with international audience in mind. The same plot can also be made with the cochin real estate and Kerala’s Builder and architects as backdrop to attract the local audience and mohanlal fans. I could imagine a film like that.But then if I could imagin some thing else out of a creative work, the creator has succeeded in his task.

    Mohanlal could bring in the moods of the charector but I am not sure all creative people are very serious and sad. That was the only expressions we could see on mohanlal”s charector.

    The diologues were bit artificail. Nowadays nobody speaks that way.But then it is the adaptation of a very famous book and the director might want to do justice to the book as well.

    Congratulations Mr. Mohan Lal. You are really international stuff. Just keep up the good work. The risks involved are worth it.

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