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Anthiponvettom – Review

Posted by Admin On March - 2 - 2008

Mollywood is notorious for the lack of talented youngsters, who could well be the crowd pullers, playing the lead. But it is also an industry which had always created the best supporting actors to the entire south India. Why do we continue to be with the same destiny, always depending upon our very few aged super stars? Well, I think watching ‘Anthiponvettam’ may provide you with some answers.

The film, based more on the possessive friendship between two youngsters, stars Arun and Saiju Kurup, who have a thin line to act in an absurd script. What make you wonder all through is the appalling acting, that both have presented in the movie. Arun, as Jeevan, a village reared guy maintains a monolithic face through out, with the same reactions for every emotions, except for some shots which essay his beautiful smile. Saiju, on the other hand as a carefree living softie, tries hard to emote free but with a bad timing all through and with an over the board body language fails to ignite any interest that the character demands. And see how the two young stars maintain their physique. Sometimes, it is too unbearable to see those exposing bulky bodies, in some of the chocking scenes. With their wonderfully pathetic on screen chemistry, the film is left with nothing that is worth mentionable.  

The film is all about two software professionals working at Bangalore with opposing characters, but a bit more caring as friends. Nithin a half Malayalee is a shit-talking, hard-drinking, bar-fighting guy who spends much of his time getting around for nothing. Jeevan, on the other hand, is a little more mature in character, but due to insistence from his home and Nithin, they head towards their ancestral home at picturesque village vattathara, taking a break away from the deadline pressures of a prestigious project.

Once in their home village, they find that Jeevan’s parents are planning to sell their home to a Zenguera incorporates who are planning to buy the whole of the village to develop it into a global tourism venue. A few in the village like the Kurup master, an young lady Vanitha and co are fiercely resisting Zenguaera who is buying each pieces of land to develop into plots  for medical college, Ayurveda centre and cultural village. The plot follows how Nithin and Jeevan reschedule their plans to remain in the village to lead the fight against the incoming land mafia. And more in the line up is a short triangular love and associated fumes that come against the friendship act.

The acting is laughable at times, with an even worse script. “I found myself twitching in my chair thinking how silly the otherwise potential theme of ecological disaster is paced   and how senseless will this end. Apart from this, there are also a string of scenes that basically goes no where, and takes its own time to get across the basic idea of the plot. Presenting the social issues about land mafia and cultural interventions are so stagy that they would fall over if they weren’t propped up by the cinema screen. Remya Nambeeshan as Vanitha is a saving grace in the entire movie while Jagathy Sreekumar as dance master Keluji and Nedumudi Venu as Kurup master are in their usual self. Jagadheesh is too fragile in his new looks as Zenguaera and misses the needed venomous looks, to a yard.

The primary problem with ‘Anthiponvettam’ is that it tries too hard to entertain. The script by Dr Ramesh and Narayanan is a scraps-and-patches affair with some of the cliches that’s has not much to say.

You will probably find it hard to finish this as at some points, as you are almost shocked to see the visuals of at least the last few songs. The film does contain three or four well did jumpy scenes and have a few hummable good songs by M Jayachandran. Of the five songs in the”Ilm ambilikkunnath, kunilla and Vazhiyoram” are a treat to hear. The real star of the movie is the locations and camera by M H Ramachandra.

Mahesh Narayan in editing, tries his best to give it a savvy look, but with little content and flawy direction, there is nothing much left to do. The film in its very first minutes itself will give you the feeling that it is going to sink. Its graph climbs up somewhere in the middle but with a lot of shortcomings and a so delicate, flimsy ending, the downfall was certain even before you leave the screens.

Do watch this, if you are left with nothing else as this film is sure, not to give you the satisfaction, even an average film goers demands.

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