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Cycle – Review

Posted by Admin On March - 2 - 2008

This is not just another typical Johny Antony movie with formulaic, unapologetic cartoonish characters running around in fast paced slapstick. ‘Cycle’ is refreshingly new. It’s an incredible U-turn, dear friends. 

You’ll see, even though it’s tough to believe, that how a welcome change in the scripting department can make Johny a brainy director. A director who can deliver films which deal with stark realities. 

The director uses the simple theory ”when everybody is going by the book, it’s really easy to know how to break the rules”. And he breaks it with the help of scenarist James Albert to make one of the best “soft thrillers” in recent times in Mollywood.

The film, set at City Centre, a shopping mall in Kochi as backdrop, is all about a few youngsters, Roy and Sanju and their love interests, Annie and Meenakshy. Long-ignored and mistreated by society for reasons none of theirs, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Roy (Vineeth Sreenivasan) is an accountant in a private financing company of Kaustubhan, (deftly played with ease and characteristic gags by Jagathy) who pays his staff, the modest of all salaries. Sanju (Vinoo Mohan) is a desperate cricketer, left out of Ranji team, who is presently working in the same commercial mall in an electronics shop. Roy has a soft corner for Annie (Bhama) who works as a receptionist in a travel agency in the same complex. And Meenakshy (Sandhya), the daughter of Kaushtubhan, is madly in love, always chasing Sanju.

Sanju and Roy, all have plenty of house hold chaos due to poverty. But an idyllic New Year eve celebration turns nightmarish as they are subjected to unimaginable terrors and struggle to stay on their lives. Circumstances conspires them with no alternatives other than to become robbers. After a thrilling getaway after stealing two crore rupees, this heist movie recounts what else the cycle of life holds for them .With tons of money in their disposal but with powerful elites on their search, they are forced to alter their plans following impending pressures.

The scenarist James Albert attempts to examine some key issues affecting our society today.  The highlight of ‘Cycle’ is that unlike most tales of romantic adventures, this survival story frequently reminds its audience that heroism is not one of the qualities distributed before hand in a group; instead it is constantly understated and in only dire situations, begins to emerge.

’Cycle’ does not involve you immediately as it has been quite some time, someone made any probing attention to youth. You have to pay keen attention to what its protagonists are talking about.  But through cleverly drawn sequences and vibrant situations rich in suspense, the director successfully portrays all-too-familiar tenets of youth. It kicks up the tension to near nail-biting level, and spell wonders with more twists and turns than a roller-coaster. This excellent storyline ends in dramatic fashion. The script, though strewn with endless possibilities, would have fared best, with a little sharper sense of humour.

A film like ‘Cycle’ demands strong screen presences to hold the viewer by the collar. Fulfilling the director’s intent, the young and relatively fresher cast emerges powerful enough to do the needful. Vineeth Sreenivasan in his debut screen arrival fits well into the suit and skin of the character, but at times proves to be a poorly made replica of his versatile father. He impresses mostly in the sentimental and affright sequences. Sandhya as Meenakshy has a small but effective role which rivals even her bests. What makes the performance so impressive is that she powers to humanise the character. Her figure out never feels over-the-top. And so is Vinoo Mohan as Sanju who is frighteningly real, van guarding all the proceedings, especially in the later half. This is an inspiring depicting of an insecure chap who hopes to make it all right, with a singular risk. Bhama as Annie is impressive at times repeating a ‘Meera Jasmine’ act, conveying an array of emotions ranging from tough and confident, but also falter at times being vulnerable and tender.

Ranjan Abraham in editing and Shaji behind camera has worked to perfection to make this move a tremendous thrill-ride. Biji Bal also impresses with his background scores while Mejo Joseph in his second outing as a music director deliver a couple of mediocre tunes of which ‘Varanapainkili’ is the pick. The director, but have made the songs standout with outstanding visuals, shot at Singapore .The visualisation of the song ‘Paattunarnuvo’ is also worth mentioning, being one of the best made and timed one, from all Johny Antony movies .

Though the film struggles hard to maintain its racy pace in the second half, it succeeds in retaining the audience’s interest till the end. Unlike most youngster films churned out in Mollywood, ‘Cycle’ proves to be a well thought-out product, which does its job of providing entertainment to perfection. 

Altogether, an impressive movie that will always fit into your interestedness, of a being with an engrossing cinematic ride.

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