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Corporate to destroy regional cinema – MACTA

Posted by Admin On June - 26 - 2008

The MACTA, which has already become a minority group among working technicians of Malayalam cinema, is putting forward another controversy claiming that top artists and directors have received funds to destroy MACTA.

The treasurer of MACTA Baiju Kottarakkara yesterday forwarded allegations about   corporate houses signing up and paying advances to the three top actors, Mammootty, Mohanlal and Dileep, and 10 reputed film directors, for their upcoming movies for the next five years. 

”The recent row in MACTA was planned according to their game plan to destroy MACTA and its trade union activities”, says Baiju. ”This much hyped entry of corporate houses in this medium would destroy the entire regional movie industry”

As per MACTA’s list, the directors including Priyardarshan, Fazil, Siddhique, Joshi, Lal Jose, Rafi-Mecartin, Roshan Andrews, Johny Antony and Sathyan Anthikkad who broke away from the MACTA,  has already signed agreements with  the corporate. 

Reacting to the allegation, Director Siddhique, who was the first to break away from the federation and to react to this allegation said ”Attempts are being made by MACTA to ‘tarnish’ the reputation of directors by coming out with such ‘wild accusations’. He adds that neither he nor any other directors from Mollywood had signed any such agreement.

”The federation office bearers are desperate at the fall from the limelight. And to keep their chairs intact they are coming out with these planted stories’ adds Siddhique, who was selected last week, as the chairman of the Adhoc committee  formed to prepare the by law and other initiatives of the new federation.

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