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Row resolves as MACTA stands dissolved

Posted by Admin On June - 26 - 2008

The  present executive committee  of the Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA),  was  dissolved  yesterday, following  the intervention of All India Film Employees Confederation(AIFEC) and Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) to bring an end to the  factional feud in the federation. An ad-hoc committee of 22 members had been constituted with five members each from the two factions to run the day-to-day affairs of the MACTA till the fresh election that is to be held within three months. The decision was taken at the end of talks held by the AIFEC at Chennai, with the warring groups of MACTA.

This ad-hoc committee would be represented by five members of MACTA, including its general secretary Vinayan, A R Kannan, Ramachandra Babu, Sasi Perumanoor and Pattanam Rasheed. The five representatives from the rival faction are directors Joshi, Siddhique, I V Sasi, B Unnikrishnan and Hariharan. They would function for three months, after which an election would decide about the continuance or otherwise of MACTA.

AIFEC president Dharmesh Tiwari, S Vijayan, Ashok, Uma Shankar Babu, Sasi Mohan, T Rajendran and Dinesh Chaturvedi would be among those who would represent AIFEC in the committee.

The present row in MACTA, the apex body of 19 trade unions in the Malayalam film industry, broke out when actor Dileep pulled back from a film by director Thulasidas, after accepting advance. Dileep who had a different version of the events refused to work with the director but was ready to do the film for the producer, but with another director. The issue when brought before MACTA, its general secretary Vinayan immediately decided to boycott Dileep.

Artists association AMMA and the producers association were strongly after Dileep even from the starting days of the feud.  Director Siddhique, in whose film Dileep was to act this July, protested the decision to boycott Dileep, saying any type of ban cannot be imposed on creative artistes. Vinayan used harsh words prompting a series of resignations by top Malayalam film directors and technicians from the federation and forming a parallel union. 

The breakaway group consisting of 2800 members of the MACTA joined for a meeting on June 16 to form a new body and decided to constitute an ad hoc committee under the chairmanship of director Siddhique. With not much support to the existing body of MACTA and their affiliation and economic mismanagement, still a point of debate, Vinayan and Co was left with nothing, but to support AIFEC in it’s every directives including dissolving the general body.

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