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Starry race for July

Posted by Admin On June - 26 - 2008

Both the super stars of Malayalam are in the race to complete the post production works of their movies, scheduled for July and to get them into theatres at the earliest. Since both the movies Mammoottty’s  ‘Parunthu’ and Mohanlal’s  ‘Madambi’ scheduled for next month, are rumored to tell the similar stories of private financiers, it will be  tough task for the movie coming second to look different from the first one.

In ‘Madambi’, Mohanlal plays Gopalakrishna Pillai, the most famous money lender in a village, who knows how to recover his amount using the right but soft techniques. While in ‘Parunthu’, Mammootty is Gillette Purushothaman, a pitiless moneylender, who uses every crude tricks to recover his interest.

As per the latest developments the posters of ‘Madambi’ are already on the streets and the movie may come one week earlier than its scheduled release date of July 11. The movie is said to have shaped up as a good family entertainer with good songs and heart winning dialogues.

‘Parunthu’ on the other hand has already started its dubbing at Ernakulam and Mammootty will complete his part this week itself. The movie which will start its rerecording by the end of this week will finish its works on the first copy by the first week of July. As per present schedules, ‘Parunthu’ will be on theatres by the 17th of July.

Even though the fans finds it extremely distasteful  for their stars to appear in similar roles in films planned or  the same month, the  directors Padmakumar and Unnikrishnan  are not bothered even if both films are similar. They believe that even if the script and the characters may have few things in common, the depiction and presentation of the characters would be very different, as both the superstars have their own acting styles without any parallels.

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