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Kabadi Kabadi – Review

Posted by Admin On August - 5 - 2008

After quite some time, we are again into a mindless comedy which is targeted for an audience who is prepared to laugh on every silly occasion. ‘Kabadi Kabadi’, a presentation from a debut director duo Sudheer Manu, doesn’t shows much promise than being another close rehash version of a decade old  movie ‘Makkal Mahatmyam’.

‘Kabadi Kabadi’ also includes many familiar sequences that we had been to in many older comedies. But the film may not sink in the Box office only because we are of late into much larger tragedies that this movie.

‘Kabadi Kabadi’ tells the story of Vijayan and Madhavankutty, stepbrothers who are at loggerheads due to plenty of old scores. Sons of the late police officer Mampilly Rajashekharan, Madhavankutty is the only son of Rajashekharan’s legally married wife, but Vijayan, the illegitimate son was given the right to light the funeral pyre during his father’s death. From there, Madhavankutty who refuse to acknowledge Vijayan as his brother, singles out every opportunity to irk and denounce Vijayan and his mother who are now considered as his sworn enemies.

The Annual Kabadi Championship in memorial of their father is one such event where the brothers come up for cat fights. Vijayan has Biju and Komalan as his senseless croonies, while Madhavankutty roams around with   Ramesan and Basheer in a jeep named ‘Mambully-Original’. It could be a point of interest and engagement for you, to count exactly how many times these pair of idiotic aides gets beaten up by virtually everyone in the frame in their attempts to bring in some sort of laughs. Chitrangadan, the former Panchayath President and his wife Sarala the present Panchayath President, are the two  who adds oil to the fire, igniting new skirmishes, campaigning for and against the brothers in arms. This do-or-die Kabadi game for both brothers suddenly turns irrelevant, with the arrival of Pooja and Sneha, twin daughters of Judge Viswanathan, to the village. Madhavankutty and Vijayan falls for each of them, but don’t recognize them as twins. This results in them seeing the other as rivals in love also. How all of this chaos leads to further tortuousness and subjects of forced humor, forms the rest of the movie.

The basic plot has promises of a bigger comedy flick with adequate space for action, humor, songs, romance and sentiments. But the makers fails to milk any sensible use of the plot. They frames the age old lines of narratives with comic one liners from the crew of Suraj Venjaaramoodu, Jaffer Idukky, Harishree Ashokan and Indrans. While the former two does their part convincingly, Ashokan and Indrans have a lame walk over a chance comedy riot. With plenty of loose ends in the script by Shani Khader, the movie at times turns unconvincing and nonsensical with forced sequences for generating chuckles. And in some sequences we can even predict the next ludicrous action to follow. The cat and mouse race and fights in the end are pretty matuerish, seen in hundreds of Mollywood movies before.

Mukesh and Kalabahavan Mani repeat the roles that they are always into for the whole last decade, with bulky bodies and over the top reactions. Both look a little jaded being presented again and again in roles and expressions that are beaten to death. Rambha in a twin avatar seems ok but don’t seems logical as  girls  from Bangalore who  instantly falls  for the village guys who don’t even calls for admiration from the viewers. Producer Mani C Kapan dons a lengthier role as the Judge convincingly. Bheeman Reghu as Chithrangadan is another pick from the lot who tries to deliver something different.

Nadirshah’s debut into music direction doesn’t show any immense promise but one song “Minnaminungey…” is quite good. And the technical side has not much for any special comment.

All in all, this old fashioned movie can be a time pass for those who love to laugh even for hollow wits. ‘Kabadi Kabadi’ can be your film of the week, if you have got nothing much of any importance to do.

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