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Thrill – Review

Posted by Admin On August - 17 - 2008

How can “boring” be an adjective, that applies to a film titled ‘Thrill’?

A poor excuse for a film, that got wrapped out in just one hour and twenty five minutes, ‘Thrill’ is a supposed  to be a  crime story, that just doesn’t thrill. An intended suspense thriller, the movie seems to be the one made without making any kind of home works for a thriller.

‘Thrill’ can be stated as ‘‘bad’’ on so many levels. Starting from the inept handling of the subject, to the tiresome direction, poor cast and dull acting, the entire first half of the movie was bad in a bad way. “I even remember to have counted a thirty seconds for the passing of a jeep, out of the screen. Though an occasional wide angle shot and heavy background scores tries to infuse a life into the proceedings, the second half also turned things around and offered a lot more laughs than thrills”.

Based on many of the movies of the heist genre, ‘Thrill’ has Rahul (Satya Prakash), leading three of his female  co-workers at the computer centre, to  loot a truck which carries hot cash to be dispersed as salaries to the workers of a plantation. Rahul is in need to raise lakhs of rupees for the surgery of his only sister while the other three are also facing similar appalling situations in their life. Motivated by a shared desire for money and revenge, they join forces for a robbery and influence the driver of the truck, offering a big share of their seizure.

Rahul and his gang thus accomplish their first venture of grabbing money with success, leaving very little clues. But when super cop Aneesh Thampan lays vigilante on the highways with hawk eyes, the four men army are forced to drive on to a lonely cottage amidst the woods, with the ten crore money in their bags. The movie then moves on to the regular horror to the b grade chills, before finally ending up in a miserably done climax.

A thoroughly outmoded presentation, with all new names in the cast sounded more like a dreadfully done mini screen drama, than a movie.And the couple of  songs that appear at intervals gives a shock of despair than anything that bring back the interest. The most uninteresting highlight of the film is that ‘thrill’ is the only Mollywood film that I had witnessed   with a second half length of below half an hour. That itself will say much about the planning that could have went to shape up the movie. These kinds of movies are the ones that signal the viewer to avoid every kind of small scale movies in Mollywood. And I surmise, those who had been with the movie will however, keep away from these kinds for at least a year, trying their luck with Kollywood and Hindi movies for that time.

About all associated with the film, be it in the technical side or on screen, exudes a type of coarseness. In the acting front everyone except Anoop as the C I, looks ill placed while the protagonist Sathya Prakash seems so brittle to carry the film in his shoulders.

If you are wholly prepared for the amazing, unrelenting horridness of a movie, just have a watch. It will certainly better your patience levels, with the ample display of  stupidity and lunacy .

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