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Thirakkatha – Review- A breathe of fresh air

Posted by Admin On September - 14 - 2008
Thirakkatha – Review- A breathe of fresh air

When i walked into the theatre for watching Ranjiths ‘Thirakkatha’, i was a bit afraid thinking of his last film ‘Rock n Roll’ which was one of the forgettable films. But ‘Thirakkatha’ is refreshingly different. The film is about the love and life of movie stars Ajaychandran(Anoop Menon) and Malavika(Priya Mani) who were star couples of the 80’s.The film moves forward through Akbar Ahmad(Prithviraj), a young film director who traces the life of Ajaychandran and Malavika for making his next movie.

While Ajaychandran is still a super star, no one knows where Malavika is and what has happened to her. The story of Ajaychandran and Malavika starts in the early 80’s , and Ranjith, with his excellent narration technique ,comes out sucessfull in capturing the minds of the audience right from the beginning. Akbar Ahmad’s investigation to complete the script of his next movie unfolds a complex but beautiful love story which is sure to make a long lasting impression on the minds of people watching it.

The film offers some of its best moments in the last half, specially the scene in which Ajaychandran and Malavika meets each other after a long gap in a situation which the audiece are sure to empethize with. But undoubtedly the best scene in the movie is its climax in which Priya Mani shows us why she is a National Award winner. Prithviraj’s performance as the young idealistic film director is brilliant.Samvrutha Sunil who plays the love interest of Akbar Ahmad has nothing much to do.Ranjith himself plays the role of an yesteryear film director(Aby) whose diary entries give inputs to the story of Ajaychandran and Malavika. But the surprise package in the film is Anoop Menon who wonderfully enacts the different stages in the life of film star Ajaychandran.His performance is sure to win him some fans.

The film does not waste even a single dialoge or scene deviating from the main story line, except a small love making scene between Prithviraj and Samvrutha.Luckily the director does not deviate from the main story in any other instant.

The music of the movie is done by Sarath, who makes a comeback into malayam film industry after a long gap. The song ‘onnodonnu chernnu’ sung by Sankar Mahadevan is a certain hit. Although slow catching ,the song ‘paalappoo’ gives a nostalgic feeling and will surely be a hit in the coming weeks. Overall ‘Thirakkatha’ is a must watch movie for all movie fans.It doesn’t have any comedy, it doesn’t have any fight scene either,but it is one of the best malayalam movies released in the last few years.

Review Submitted by midhunmail77 on Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:08 pm

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  • […] any fight scene either,but it is one of the best malayalam movies released in the last few years. Vellithira.in – Film News » Blog Archive » Thirakkatha – Review- A breathe of fresh air __________________ watch >>> Thalappavu […]

    • At 2008.09.14 12:48, kannan said:

      i felt it fabulous….
      one of the best films that i have ever seen in theoter…
      what a come back from the legend writer….
      priyamani just shocked me by her caliber….
      as an actress, she should be appreciated for her selection….

      • At 2008.09.15 18:50, Satheesh,Bangalore said:

        Watched Thirakadha in EKM. Its undoubtedly a wonderful movie. Very strong story line and performances. Prithvi , Anoop and Priyamani are fantastic.

        A must watch movie.

        • At 2008.09.16 11:06, thoma said:

          Good film with a strong screenplay and performances. One of the best in recent years

          • At 2008.09.16 13:30, sunil babu said:

            outstanding direction by ranjith,no onne can think such a subject other than ranjith.Each and every one must watch this movie

            • At 2008.09.22 11:20, navin said:

              Ranjith is walking with his passion. Yes, Thirakkatha is another milestone of Malayalam cinema industry as well as Ranjith’s carrier. Prithviraj, Anoop Menon and Priyamani have performed really outstanding. Ranjith has simply narrated the heart touching story.

              We can see a freshness in all over Thirakkatha. Location, lighting, etc… are beautiful handled by Ranjith. The dialogues are sharp n’ shrewd. And the starting and ending of the film is really brilliant. If anybody has not seen the film, it should be a miss for them.

              Hats off Ranjith. And once again Hats off to all, who has worked behind the Thirakkatha.

              • At 2008.09.22 11:47, terick.sebastian said:

                It is a very good movie which I have seen ever.Casting was excellent.With this fiml malayalam film industry is coming better.

                • At 2008.09.24 09:32, Vinod Nair said:

                  Outstanding performance by Anoop and Priya Mani. I have seen in 4 times and i have not got bored even one bit. I would not mind watching it for the 5th time…..

                  • At 2008.09.25 04:16, Vineesh said:

                    Watched Thirakatha yesterday. I would say it is one of the best movies I have seen in recent years. Well done Ranjith. Also congratulations for Pritiviraj for his bold decision to accept the roll which is some what equal to Anoop Menon, relatively a new face to Malayalam movies. This shows that Pritivi is only concerned about good films not his own stardom.

                    Priyamani also did very well in this movie. She was so real. A good justification for her national award.

                    Anoop Menon – A Natural actor. I am sure this character will give him a good break.

                    Music – Sarath – Really impressive.


                    • At 2008.10.01 07:51, Arun K R said:

                      Thirakkatha, We can say simply as a ‘good film’.. Bcoz, what Malayalam film industry lacked in recent years have fulfilled with this story…. Good Work.
                      It is not a team work..All Credits only to Renjith….
                      Excellent direction, dialogues, visualisation… and also Thirakkatha..
                      I liked it a lot..
                      hats off to Priya mani, Anoop and Prithvi…

                      • At 2008.10.01 17:16, Rajeesh P said:

                        PRITHVIRAJ IS THE NEXT SUPER STAR.

                        • At 2008.10.02 11:00, Pooja said:

                          Hatts off to Ranjith…

                          The movie is mindblowing..I watched it last week…but its still in my heart..

                          Excellent casting.Priyamani is AWESOME!!!…never knew she was so talented..Prithvi was also good..

                          But the 1 who gave a shock to all of us was none other than Anoop Menon..Too good!!I just love him..There was not a sign of artificiality…Felt like as if he was not acting and ajayachandran is he himself…
                          i just cant get him out of my heart!love u

                          • At 2008.10.05 08:27, dileep kc said:

                            another box office failure.but script is good

                            • At 2008.10.05 16:42, Rejoy said:

                              awesome film from Ranjith…. I never xpected priyamani to be so gud an actress..Anoop menon also did a fabulous role..but overall its the victory coz of the script…

                              • At 2008.10.10 05:47, Arun Surendren said:

                                Thirrakadha, as the name mentions has got 1 of the best scripts ever made recently. The movie has got good songs with a good music played by Annachi Sarath.”Oduvil oru Shonarekhayaayi” has proved Sarath’s intelligence in music. A very nostalgic and a touchin song.. “Ranjith” the man behind this movie has done geat role behind. I feel after Nandanam and Ravanaprabhu, this movie would be his one of the best scripts.

                                Needn’t say about actors and actresses. Al hav done their roles very best as told by Ranjith. A very warm welcome to Anoop Menon and Priyamani to this movie. I wish a very best to Ranjith for his future endeavours and may god bless him to bring more best scripts and gud movies…

                                And I would lik 2 mention 1 more thing.. People who haven’t watched ‘Gulmohar’ starrin Ranjith must see this movie.. Ranjith has proved that he’s even an actor…. Gr8 work dude…. Keep up the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                • At 2008.11.09 02:13, eldhose said:

                                  not good,rubbish,wasting of ime and money…………………………………….etc

                                  • At 2008.11.10 14:28, muhasin ahamed said:

                                    outstanding perfomance of priyamani,anoop,pritviraj etc…locations are very beutiful.Irealy like the song ‘palapoovithalil’, music director sarath is composed the song very beutifuly.The song defenetly give to him a second coming in the film field…

                                    • At 2008.12.07 17:54, Manoj said:

                                      The movie is good because it deals with a fresh theme.Some scenes are lagging but the director didn’t allow to deviate from the main subject and didn’t get much bordom to the people.

                                      If Renjith works hard he can come with good movies like this again and people have a real reason to belive that a Pdamarajan era is not ended if he do that.

                                      Priyamani is a talented actress. But the real hero is Anoop Menon. If good directors uses him clevery he can create some unforgottable charcters in years to come.

                                      • At 2008.12.09 17:11, kathootty said:

                                        how nice!!
                                        prithvi exallent…
                                        how handsome u r!!!!!

                                        • At 2008.12.09 17:14, kathu said:

                                          wat a performance prithvi,how nice u r!!!!!

                                          • At 2008.12.23 21:10, Anish said:

                                            watched thirakatha.. its a great movie.. no scenes wasted.. This is what we call script writing.. it can be be compared to a hollywood script.. Ranjith.. this is your master peice.. it was just like watching .. thanmatra.. Proud of being a malayalee watching these moveis.. films like kathaparaumbol and this one are best screen plays .. be it in the world cinema stage.all those chaarecters were super.. Priyamani was the excellent.. she may bag another national award.. and prithvi proved.. he is the one who may replace mohanlal.

                                            • At 2009.01.11 05:52, srf said:

                                              super movie………i saw this film 3 times…am the fan of anoop …he is a gud acter …he is pure male….

                                              • At 2009.01.28 08:46, sanjay said:

                                                its a classic movie

                                                a great job by RANJITH & CREW

                                                • At 2009.02.15 01:12, Agk said:

                                                  Concept is quite different. No time wasted.

                                                  • At 2009.02.25 17:32, Ram said:

                                                    Great movie, haven’t seen one like of late. Keeps you glued all through…

                                                    Great parallel between Ajay Chandran=Mohanlal ( villain in first film who went on become the superstar of Malayalam cinema) and Malavika = Poornima Jayaram( who “disappeared” in the peak of her career) and their major hit Manjil Virinja Pookkal. A number of scenes make subtle references to these actors( Mohanlal and Poornima) of the past. Of course, the film is unrelated to their personal lives.

                                                    Hats off of Ranjith sir for this amazing movie which brought me nostalgic memories of the eighties. Pritvi as usual is absolutely stunning.

                                                    • At 2009.02.28 13:11, Eldho Thomas said:

                                                      Wha………… It’s a realy nice….. outstading performance by priya mani,Anoop nd Prithvi. The real movie is like this………

                                                      • At 2009.05.03 08:00, Asha said:

                                                        Hats off to Ranjith, its an amazing movie, after a long time I am watching a very good malayalam movie, expecting more good movies from Ranjith.

                                                        Prithviraj has done a good job, may the second film which I like after “Vasthavam” from Prithviraj.Priyamani and Anoop Menon also perform well.

                                                        There are very few movies which gives a feeling which we can carry for many days like “Thoovanathumbikal”, this movie alos belongs to that category.

                                                        Really wonderful movie.

                                                        • At 2009.12.02 22:03, Vipin George said:

                                                          Overall a good movie !
                                                          best cinematography, which is rare in Malayalam films.

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