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Parthan Kanda Paralokam – Review

Posted by Admin On October - 10 - 2008

It had been more than a year since ‘Parthan had seen Paralokam’ but the audience had to wait till this Ramzan to have a fleeting look at it. A hold up though avoidable could have made little difference to the progeny as it falters to keep afresh and cuddle the people for an unusual theme as the title suggested. Inspired to go in a similar lane of ‘Nandanam’, this movie would have made an imprint had it been treated more seriously as the chuckle creation attempts are more than hard to digest ending up as mere scorners.

The basic story from K B Raju seems to be a well thought out product though it has more than striking resemblances with Renjith’s ‘Nandhanam’. But the scriptwriter Rajan Kiriyath and director Anil has approached the movie with air of lightness all through, never indulging in anything that hooks the audience by the collar. The movie seems to be an excellent prospect for a classy remake in other south languages and the reviewer is sure, in another couple of years, we are going to witness some good films on the same theme from Kollywood which will teach us how to create a worthy film from such potential subjects.

The movie has Jayaram as Partha Sarathy, a social activist who is always living for the welfare of his fellow people of the Krishanapuram village. He has a group of young men like Suleiman and Poonkodi around him, who are with him for anything and everything. A staunch atheist after the untimely death of his father who was returning after a pilgrimage, Parthan is always in clashes with Phalgunan Thampy, his uncle who is also the corrupt president of the local panchayath.Parthan’s do-gooder image and his popular support irks Thampi who uses every chance to get rid of his nephew.

For a long time, the village temple has been closed due to court cases initiated by Parthan against his uncle, who was after the temple assets. Thampy’s daughter Sathyabhama who returns from town with the first rank in LLM pretends to be in love with Parthan, but ditches him in court, thus helping her father to gain possession of temple properties. Parthan who stands agitated is sent to jail for a month’s imprisonment for contempt of court.

When Parthan is in jail, Thampi with his crude friend, a local MLA creates religious riots to divide Parthan’s followers, which kills many a people .When Parthan is released, he and his friends drink illicitly brewed arrack in a friend’s marriage party and is confirmed dead. Though some of his friends die in the incident, Parthan mysteriously gets back to his life which is now filled with day mares   and surrealistic imagery’s. Adding to this pandemonium is the arrival of Madhavan, who appears from nowhere and claims to be the one who studied with Pathan years ago. Madhavan doesn’t go back but keep a close watch of Parthan guiding him to wisdom and helping him in every situation .The movie goes on to tell how Parthan gets cleared of all the problems of his life and how he manages it is the rest of the movie.

The main fault lies with director Anil, who does nothing inventive with the characters, than what  he used to do in his earlier comedy crappers  and the viewers end up hearing continuous  crass jokes, and tactless humor  .Some of the dialogues by Rajan Kairiyath are good, but more are aimed to create jokes in a vulgar  sense .

In the acting front, Jayaram fits into the role of Parthan like a glove and emotes freely although. Mukesh has a good role but looks a bit jaded and the casting could have been better if the role was done by some lesser known artistes. Sreedevika proves good in her second outing in Malayalam and shows promises to emerge to the front liners in a short time. Rajendran is a big miscast in the role of the villainous local MLA. Kalabhavan Mani appear inconsistent while Jagathy Sreekumar is in another regular role that he is donning the umpteenth time.

The film from a directorial point has nothing to offer, not even shades of technical brilliance. A couple of songs by M. Jayachandran are though hummable with the Jassie Gift song ‘Thak dhina dhin’ already topping the charts. Very rare had such instances happened in the cinemas where a basic plot with so much of promise had reached nowhere. It is pity to say but since so much is raved about lack of good scripts, this film should have made headlines. But unfortunately the audiences are encore taken for a ride.

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