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Twenty 20 – Twenty Twenty – Review

Posted by Admin On November - 6 - 2008
Twenty 20 – Twenty Twenty – Review

Twenty – 20 is a 100% entertainer … It satisfies all the fans group…Udaya Krishna-Sibi.K.Thomas did a great job i must say to balance all the megastars in equal….
I saw the movie from Alappuzha Sas Shanthi…Yesterday Morning i went there to book my ticket…I was surprised.. Because the crowd presence was very poor when we compare to a mega star movie…and i saw this poster outside…

So i thought this might be the reason behind this cold response…I booked my tickets for second show ..Tickets were easily available….at that time…Not even a single black ticket seller was there…I could hear the stunt sounds and claps in theater at that time…Hmmm so i was excited to see the movie…

When i reached near the theater i got shocked again….Because it was like a festival there…Damn crowded…Police forces …hooo…I tried my level best to park my car inside theater…But it was just a dream…A 15 minutes terrific block only because of my car…
Nammal kaloor undakiya block nte atra poora…
Anyway i parked the car somewhere else….and went back…when i entered the theater i was shocked again….100% of the balcony is filled by family audience and the 1st class full in a festive mood….There was a small fight between the fans…But anyway it all got controlled and the movie started…The festive mood continued…
Film started with a small sent off function sene…Madhu and kaviyoor ponnamma….Janardhanan was also there in the scene…After that
The first introduction was our One and only Suersh Gopi….Antony Ponookaaran IPS…Started with a stunt scene…Eben though it had a comic effect i like it…
Karthika was there for one scene as suresh gopi’s wife…after that she disappeared….
Anyway the introduction and puch dialogues from suresh gopi was good…

Jayaram is the second star to be introduced…in the 5 stars….A normal intro…and about his role…He did a great job….His pair in the movie is Radhika (classmate fame).As we all know he is introduced as a witness for the murder case…But later we will know that he has got more things to perform…And he is another Vital character in the movie…

And the Third Introduction..
The Mega Star
Must tell you oru Kiddilam Intro scene….Advocate Ramesh nambiar….Yes….Its the court scene after his introduction…as we all know mammootty pushpam polle case win cheyunnu…But the interesting fact is that Mammooty …People were shouting and cheering when mammukka was on the screen…Majority was on the shouting side…I must tell you….about 80%+ in the theater was Lalettan fans….But in some puch scenes every one clapped for both the Mega Stars….Gopika is mammukkas pair in the movie…Mammukkas’ character was a neutral type…Not that aggressive like other characters…He is an intelligent shrewd Advocate…and he did his job superbly….

And Now….The 4th Intro….

***The Universal Super Star***
The crowd just celebrated it like Thrissur pooram….Poorathine vedikettu polle claps and sounds….Amazing….Devaraja Prathapa Varma…an Innocent man…Kavya and Sukumari amma requesting mammukka to help them and release Lalettan…Mammukka Lalettane court il poyi kaanunnu…..Wow….The BIG M’s First joined Scene….It was really lilke watching a Twenty – 20 cricket match….
Angane Mammukka Lalettan a Case il ninnu rekshikunnu…. Till that the complete film was like in Mammukkas’ Side….


after that scene….just Before the interval…..the most Kiddilam scene in the movie…hooooooooooooo The real twist….Friends….just go and watch the movie…At that time we will understand…..Twenty -20 is a Lalettan Movie…

and last but not the least…The 5th Intro…..Dileep
I must tell you…Dileep really Rocked.. Even though he is only for a few scenes…He was just amazing….After interval scene the main claps were all for dileep….His dialogue presentation was superb as usual….with his comic effect….All went right….He succeeded in his second role too….I mean…He succeeded as a producer and Actor….
So….Friends….Just Go and Watch the Movie…..I wnt say that its a Mege Giga Super Hit….But its a Visual treat…..to see all the stars n the single screen….
Other than stars…. Innocent,Sai Kumar, Jagathy Sreekumar,Jagadeesh,Manoj.K.Jayan did their jobs superbly….
NB:Bhavana Rocked in the song with dileep….I must tell you….More than wat nayans did n the item dance..
So thats all….friends….Enjoy the movie…..
Twenty -20 is a 55% Mohanlal Movie…40% Mammootty Movie and 5% Suresh Gopi movie…

by guruofguru on Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:35 pm

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  • At 2008.12.07 10:57, AMAL SASI FROM MEVELLOOR, KOTTAYAM said:


    • At 2008.12.10 07:24, Manoj Kavoor said:

      Dear All, After reading most of the reviews itz like all are projecting their favourite star a hero, let me tell you frankly I watches the movie in UAE, and was very much upset to watch the movie , because there was unbelievable ending…. (which can be a good story ending for Tamil,telugu or Hindi)ans as some one said in the review it was a good entertiner when Dilip came to the screen (Again I swear Iam not a dilip fan )…The movie (Script) was written with great difficulty I understand that because the writer has to avoid the eago clashes in the movie, I really appreciate the efforts of the writter.But the story was as said before It was unbelievable , and those who watch the movie (those who are not fans) will hopefully say the same …..Prithwi raj , Boban , jay surya… just in the song scene, and Nayan also , As I watches the movie I felt like Bhavana was better than Nayanat least in this movie ( I agree Nayan is superb in most of her movies)….

      • At 2008.12.19 06:36, Jay said:

        What a gr8 entertainer!!!
        Nobody appreciated the script writers Sibi K Thomas and Udayakrishna. They did an excellent job by giving equal screen presence for everyone and with a catching thriller screenplay. Everyone is fighting to prove who is the biggest star..
        Dileep: Super
        Suresh Gopi: Superb
        Mammookka: Excellent
        And Lalettan: He was kidilol kidilam…
        Lalettan Rocks in this movie… Anybody who watch the movie accepts the above fact.. Coz, frm the beginning, the story revolves arnd him and he is the hero.

        • At 2008.12.19 19:10, R-TRUTH said:

          20-20 STARRING:
          superstar jayaram
          superstar dileep
          Superstar Suresh Gopi
          Megastar MAMMOOTY

          LALETTAN KI JAI!!!!!

          • At 2008.12.19 19:16, COOL BOY said:

            Everyone talks about Mammooty being at the centre of the poster.But as we all know,when the movie ends,the three superstars walk off together.At that time who is at the centre?
            “OUR LALETTAN!!!!!!!!”
            LALETTAN KI JAI!!!

            • At 2008.12.21 12:51, Rahul KR said:

              Lalettan IS Da King Of DA movie…He perfomed well..& definetly Man Of The Match…Be Jelous Mammootty Fans..

              • At 2008.12.23 08:08, SHAJAHAN said:

                MAMMOOKKA SUUPPER

                • At 2008.12.23 08:11, SHAJAHAN said:


                  • At 2008.12.28 09:12, Leno said:

                    I personally request plz dont watch his film….the story line is a holy waste…

                    • At 2009.02.03 06:26, SUJITH Thirumala said:


                      • At 2009.02.03 17:33, babu said:

                        Mammookka is the only rock star in 20-20

                        Mammookka – 60%
                        Lal – 40%

                        • At 2009.02.05 12:04, niyas said:

                          suresh gopi adipoli aayi

                          • At 2009.02.06 05:35, Jose said:

                            Lalaten ki jaii..
                            excellent review dear ..
                            In the film Twenty-20 Laleten superb..

                            • At 2009.03.24 08:39, risal said:

                              LALETTA SUPER

                              • At 2009.05.08 07:28, aalps said:

                                hai fans…film is good.but mammooottium lalum nannayi acr cheythirikkunnu.i think mohanlal is villian.reason is all films interval scenele villian jayikkum.mammootiyaanu central character cheythirikkunnath.mohanlal mammootiiye cheat cheyyunnu.mammootty athinu madhuramayi prithikaram cheyyunnu.mammootty mohanlaline idichu tholpich roomil adakkunnu.mammoottiye aanu ingane adakkunnenkil mammoot6y fans kshamikkilla.climaxl mihnlaline mammootty shoot cheythu rakshikkunnu. but stunts kooduthal mohanlalinanu. mammotty play brain game.mammottikku slow motion scenes illa. mohnlalinu lot of slow motions. pinne ella mohanlal films same dialogu delivery pls know mammooty use another dialogue delivery with educational standard.i think dileep is more good in like mohanlal. ithink mammooty is played central charactor ofhte movie. mohanlal like negative role.mammooty 60 mohanlal40

                                • At 2009.09.18 21:48, jisho said:

                                  One thing is clear-writer of the 20-20 review ia a ‘lal fan’.The word he used to introduce mammootty & mohanlal makes it clear-
                                  The Mega Star
                                  MAMMOTTY…OUR MAMMOOKKA…
                                  ***The Universal Super Star***
                                  LALETTAN INTRODUCTION…..
                                  He is just praising his favourite actor lal througout this review.

                                  il giv 25/100

                                  • At 2009.10.08 17:13, hemanth said:

                                    All my wishes to the writers and the director. With so many superstars who all want more than their due , fanatic fans ready to drink blood…they have done a tremendous job. There is no doubt that mammooty and mohanlal are the ultimate superstars….but I guess jayaram could have been gven little bit more…atleast he could have beaten some guys up inorder to balance everything…..But when u plan such a movie, people all will have different views and there will be some lapses in everyone’s mind… :)…
                                    ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!

                                    • At 2009.10.22 19:39, hisham said:

                                      latten the the universal hero 2 fight with him mammootty as to take a rebirth

                                      • At 2009.12.02 15:16, KIDILAN said:


                                        • At 2009.12.02 15:25, vincent said:

                                          ACCORDING TO TWENTY TWENTY IN PERFOMENCE OF SUPERSTARS

                                          NO 1 IS SUPERMEGASTAR MOHANLAL UNIVERSAL STAR

                                          NO 2 IS MEGASTAR MAMOOTY KING

                                          NO 3 IS SUPERSTAR SURESHGOPI ACTION KING

                                          NO 4 IS SUPERSTAR JAYARAM JANAPRIYANAYAKAN FAMILY STAR

                                          NO 5 IS SUPERSTAR DILEEP VERITY OF MASTERS


                                          • At 2010.01.09 22:34, alshab said:

                                            MAMOOTY SUPER .MAMOOTY KI JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

                                            • At 2010.06.22 08:07, kannan,sujatha said:

                                              hia… mamooty………. iam very happy. super filem

                                              • At 2011.04.09 12:28, dithu said:

                                                hi…..hi…..hi.i am a big fan of mammooty.he rocks………………yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

                                                • At 2012.04.28 10:24, vinu said:

                                                  20 20 laletan is super mammootty channan look

                                                  • At 2012.05.03 17:45, arun said:

                                                    Sadharana achananu makkale padippikkunnatu..nammukku lalettan verum actor..ningalku ayal padippikkunna alano?

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