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Bullet – Review

Posted by Admin On December - 10 - 2008

”Attention Please, most dangerous” was the catchword that we happened to see on posters, when we strolled on to watch the new Suresh Gopi movie, ‘Bullet’. After watching the flick, we were shaken by the irony in which the designers coined the catchword. Yes, the movie is most dangerous for every ordinary viewer. ‘Bullet’, the comeback movie from director Niszar has nothing much to talk about, leaving us with a big yawn with nothing hard hitting.

The movie is all about the mysterious missing of Yamuna Prasad, one among the popular music director duo, who was busy working as the Judges of a reality show. The basic premise of the reality show and its participants sounded interesting initially but proved futile within minutes as we realize that the director is all set to throw in plastic caricatures of the participants, show producer and the  the likes. And with the judges duo nudging the female participants for everything beyond the normal to stay in race, havoc break loose as Parasurama Pattery, someone working under cover arrives at the scenes to clear off the wrong doers.

Pattery is presented as a sanyasi settled at Rameshwaram, cruising around in his Innova, colorfully clad in single tone  attires and always chanting Shanthi mantras.Days after we find the the chopped arms of the missing musician from a public  bin and the police lead by C I  Wahid Abdul rahman Haji(Kalabhavan Mani) arrests pattery for the deed. Later Pattery is shown leaving the station in grace, due to no clear evidences against him. Then both the C I and pattery works in their own ways to find clues to the lost person who is mysteriously labeled as already dead.

There are a lot of missing links in the entire investigation routine, which is filled with faulty dialogues with double entente and nutty action scenes. A movie purports to be a investigative thriller is in deep trouble as the characters are unbelievable and do not connect. Neither the action nor the drama is gripping or engaging enough to hold the audience. The producer Nazim Vellila pens this freak show as the director Nizzar hits the audience with the messy wayward sequences and a list of tasteless songs which are pictured too silly. Though a couple of songs by newcomers are hummable, they ham the narratives as they all come up in the worst points in the plots.

In the acting side, it is high time Suresh Gopi realized that he is repeating the very same mistakes that he had been to, half a decade ago. These kinds of characters neither give any satisfaction to his fans nor give him any scope for good emoting. It is also really pathetic to see Kalabhavan Mani trying to spell out all those English dialogues with depressing punctuations. The acting of others are also uniformly flat. Pavithra and Udhayathara, the heroines of the movie appears plastic with lackadaisical performances The technical sides are also not worth for any special mention with below par outputs from every departments.

Altogether, this is a movie that leaves you in blackhole for a couple of hours, squirming in the seats for exasperation. It is better, you keep yourself away from this dangerous ‘Bullet’.

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