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Injured Asin all by herself

Posted by Admin On June - 19 - 2009

Ghajini girl Asin Thottunkal, who injured her right leg while practising Kalaripayattu in Kerala, has no plans of taking help from her parents and is managing all alone in her new house.

“They (parents) live just two kms away. But they don’t come here at all. I’m in this spacious house all alone. Even the domestic help comes only during the day time. It’s just me and my injured leg, and guess what? I’m just not feeling sorry for myself,” Asin said.

“But I am enjoying my enforced time at home. I’m making new friends, learning to be self-dependent,” added the actress, who is undergoing ayurvedic treatment for the injury.

“I’ve been brought up in an atmosphere where we don’t use artificial foods articles, sweeteners, spices, etc. In our home, sugar is called ‘white poison’. We use only gur (jaggery). I don’t take aerated drinks, chocolates and junk food. And yes, no allopathic medicines. Only Ayurveda,” said Asin from her new home in Green Acres, Andheri.

Known to be daddy’s girl, Asin is now learning to be independent.

“Why does that surprise so much?” she asked.

“Everyone presumed I couldn’t take a step without my father just because he accompanied me everywhere. But even though I was the only child, I was always taught to be independent.”

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