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Rains pour, collections sore

Posted by Admin On July - 20 - 2009

The unprecedented heavy rains that the state has been witnessing for the last couple of days had marred the prospects of many new movies at the Box Office. With the superstar movies like ‘Ee Pattanathil Bhootham’ and ‘Bhramaram’ in the fray, the BO was expecting interesting collections all over for at least a couple of weeks. But with the heavy rains and floods that had its say at many parts of the state, the opening collections dip low in the last few days. On Thursday and Friday, most of the theatres could hardly manage the show with less than forty percent collections.

Any how, the top five movies at the Box office are:

1 Ee Pattanathil Bhootham – This effects-heavy movie has indeed started with a surprising opening which persisted for the first four days, after which the houses are registering a dip at sixty percent. The movie has already changed its marketing tactics with children now at the end of target points. Let us have to wait for another couple of week to say how this five crore adventure, will finally fare at the Box office.
2 Bhramaram – The movie from Blessy has ignited good reviews and discussions and is widely opined as one of the best seen in recent times. But in its third week the movie is witnessing heavy fall in collections with some small stations even shifting for new Tamil movies.

3 Ivar Vivaahitharaayal – The debut movie from Saji Surendran, in its fifth week has surprised everyone with the steady collections that it had in the first three weeks, though this week was pathetic for this movie too. The movie is already declared as a hit, in fact the first solo hit for it lead hero Jayasuriya.

4 Bhagyadevatha – This already declared hit ‘Bhagyadevatha’ is nearing its hundred day run in four theatres in the state. The movie also receive good collections from shifting centres.

5 Passenger – The surprise hit from Dileep – Sreenivasan team is in its 75 days. The movie continues its run in three centres. The shifting centres also shows interesting collections.

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