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Ritu – Review

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2009

Director Shyamaprasad’s Ritu talks about the current times and looks deep into the minds of the young generation. It talks about their dreams, pressures, anxieties and the changing mindsets, in a refreshing way.

With a gripping tale of three dreamy-eyed techies, the film cuts a different picture for an audience numbed by predictable potboilers dumped on you week after week.

Sarath (Nishan), Varsha (Rima) and Sunny (Asif Ali) lived in the same area and have been friends ever since their childhood days. They had a peculiar chemistry working in between them and the trio tries to maintain that equation after several years when they come together to work in a new IT company. But soon they realize that their likes, dislikes and priorities had changed by then.

The best thing about the film is the maturity with which its makers have handled the theme. Usually the mindsets, thinking and the passions of the younger lot are being narrated with certain prejudices in our movies but here, they are being accepted as such. With a nice script, the film cruises along swiftly and it has some memorable moments. Still, things would have been even better if the film was trimmed a bit.

There are some clichéd situations in the film. Like for instance, the character played by Sidhdharth Siva, whose family belonged to the area before losing their land for IT development and has to do menial jobs for a living now. As it is mandatory in most of our serious films, there is also the ongoing tussle between the new-generation reforms and the conservative ideologies. All said and done, Ritu turns out to be a film made with its heart at the right place.

The film’s casting also needs to be appreciated. The three main characters have been played quite convincingly by the three newcomers. They look good and as any of us would, they make errors in their lives, perhaps unlike the protagonists in the usual formulaic films. Nishan, Asif and Rima can easily be regarded as future prospects in Malayalam films.

The rest of the cast including journalist K.Govindankutty, who plays Sarath’s father and filmmaker M.G.Sasi, as an idealistic leftist and his elder brother, needs special mention for their good performances. Rahul Raj’s music is in tune with the mood and songs like Pularumo Raavu… and Kukkukoo Theevandi… have come out very well. Shamdatt’s camera presents some nice visuals.

During these tough times when filmmakers rarely attempt to move away from certain fixed moulds, Rithu tends to tread a different path. It has tried to be different and that is quite evident as well. On the whole, Rithu might take some time to settle into; go in with an open mind and enjoy the ride.

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