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Posted by Admin On September - 7 - 2009

VigathakumaranDirector : J C Daniel
Producer : J C Daniel
Story : J C Daniel
Editing by J. C. Daniel
Studio : Travancore National Pictures
Cast : J C Daniel , Johnson, P K Rosy, Sunder Raj

Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child) is a 1928 Indian silent film written by J. C. Daniel ,Directed by J. C. Daniel , Produced by J. C. Daniel, who also played the hero in the film. It is the first Malayalam feature film.J_C_Daniel

Chandrakumar, son of a rich man in Trivandrum is kidnapped by the villain Bhoothanathan to Ceylon. The efforts of his parents to find him do not succeed and Chandrakumar is brought up as a labourer in an estate. The estate owner, who is British, takes a liking to him and in time, Chandrakumar rises to the post of Superintendent. At this time Jayachandran, a distant relative of Chandrakumar happens to come to Ceylon. Incidentally, he is robbed of all his belongings by Bhoothanathan. Stranded, he gets acquainted with Chandrakumar and they become close friends. They come to Thiruvananthapuram where Chandrakumar’s sister falls in love with Jayachandran. Meanwhile Bhoothanathan attempts to kidnap her and the duo’s timely intervention saves her. A scar on the back reveals Chandrakumar’s identity which eventually leads to the happy reunion of the family.

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