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Wanted – Review

Posted by Admin On September - 23 - 2009

Sallu Bhai, Sallu Bhai, Sallu all the way… aye! Salman Khan after getting through pathetic results with continuous flops finally shifts on better grounds. To be precise, ‘Wanted’ isn’t a mind-boggling, extraordinary and marvelous film to watch. But naturally, with most of the previous month’s releases of B-Town middling down with average fare, ‘Wanted’ offers more opportunity for ‘B’ and ‘C’ centres, especially Sallu fans to applaud, whistle and enjoy the show.

Patha Hai! ‘Wanted’ doesn’t stride unparalleled much away from the previous versions of ‘Pokkiri’ (Telugu and Tamil). As well, Prabhu Deva doesn’t strain himself for any changes in the Hindi remake as well. But he seems to have put more pressure on Salman’s dancing show.

To be plainspoken, Salman Khan just rocks down the floors with his every step over dance. But when it comes to emoting in talkie portions, he has simply imitated what the other protagonists in previous versions had delivered. Unfortunately, too much casualty does make him spotted caricatured.

So, putting it in simple terms ‘Wanted’ is a must-see film for those audiences who never care about logicalities and have ability to withstand too much stunt sequences.

Wayward Radhe (Salman Khan) with tough body and sharp brain has nothing left obstructing his way.  A pakka marksman by profession, he does anything for money with a strong principle – Nothing thinking twice to shoot his enemies. Though, Radhe works for the underworld gangs who operated city of Mumbai with their mighty power, he prefers to carry the task for the one who pays him big sum.

He falls in love with Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia) and indeed she professes her love for him. Well, then there’s inspector Talpade (Mahesh Manjrekar), who lustfully eyes on Jhanvi.  Meanwhile, things take a turn of events when the commissioner of police vows to bump off the gangsters and eradicate their dominance. Would Radhe save himself from the wedges of crucial situations is all what it unfolds in rest of the film.

When it comes to performance, Salman Khan tries hard to score the best. Of course, he deserves handful of claps and appreciations. Especially, the hunk just sways on with breathtaking stunts and on the par excellence with dance. Ayesha Takia bestows an appealing show with her bubbly sensuous looks. She’s stunningly best on her dance steps. Mahesh Manjrekar carries off his role with best approach. In spite of being delineated with sordid characterization, he evokes laughter with his take on humor. Prakash Raj, the national award winner scores 5/5 dominating all through the second half with his arrival.

Nothing special to mention about Prabhu Deva as he has just replicated his own ‘Pokkiri’, but the happening commercial ingredients will surely entertain all classes… Of course, Ek Aadmi bumping off 25men at the same time isn’t an unusual deal in Indian film industry.

The musical score by Sajid-Wajid isn’t much impressive, but the invigorating choreography and guest appearances of Govinda, Anil Kapoor and Prabhu Deva himself makes it entertainingly best. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is much spellbinding with innovative angles.

As on marking the final take, ‘Wanted’ will pick more collections in box office with a long weekend of Ramzan holiday. But when it comes to analyzing the show on overall, it’s a best show with Salman Khan making a great comeback and so, a great fiesta for all his buffs and frontbenchers.

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