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Duplicate – Review

Posted by Admin On September - 26 - 2009

Now, when you go for a movie in which comedian Suraj Venjarammood makes his debut as a hero, you look forward to have some fun. Debutant director Shibu Prabhakar’s Duplicate does just that. It is perhaps no great film by any standards, but it definitely delivers what one would expect from it.

Sivankutty (Suraj) lives in a village and is finding it tough to repay his huge debts. His murappennu Meenakshi (Roopasri) is in love with him, but her dad Pattalam Keshu (Lalu Alex) is not too keen about the alliance.

Meanwhile a professional killer and his assistant (played almost in a stereotyped and rather loud way by Salim Kumar and Bijukkuttan) come to the village and they too are running behind the hero, with an agenda of their own.

One fine evening as Sivankutty was sitting near a bridge, when a speeding car falls into the water and that gives an unexpected twist to the tale.

There are no real surprises in its storyline, but the script has been developed in a nice way at a rather breakneck speed. Even then there are plenty of loopholes that you may find in the story and a potpourri of scenes that we have seen many times in the past.

In the whole, the director has made it into a watchable package. Shani Khader’s script, Sham Dutt’s camera and Alex Paul’s music also add to the effect in a great way.

Duplicate is not all about Suraj Venjarammood’s trademark accent; instead he has been used in an intelligent way. There are no boring heroics or even a huge dose of buffoonery, but the focus here is on the story.

Actors like Innocent, Lalu Alex, Bheeman Raghu, Maniyanpillai Raju and Anoop Chandran are all there to make things humorous, but thankfully they haven’t gone overboard most of the times. The heroine, Roopasri, has to look pretty and she has done just that.

With just comic actors playing the lead, the film in the whole has been done in a decent way. Go with not much expectation and chances are that you won’t be complaining after watching it. In these testing times when good films are a rarity, even that’s a welcome relief!

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