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Robin Hood – Review

Posted by Admin On September - 26 - 2009

As we always have it in our movies, when the hero is a thief or a fugitive, he will have a reason for becoming one and to be christened as Robinhood. It happens here as well and the best thing about director Joshy’s adventure is that, for a change, you are shown who the culprit is right from the first frame itself. But sadly, there are not many surprises left from then on!

Venkitesh Iyer (Prithviraj) is a brilliant young man, teaching physics to students at an entrance coaching centre and staying in a posh apartment. But the genius has a different face once it becomes dark and he puts on a head-gear, jacket, shades and the likes, to rob ATMs of a particular bank.

After the news gets into headlines, the bank employs Felix (Narain), a private detective who in fact is an IPS dropout, to investigate into the case. Roopa (Bhavana), an officer at the same bank, helps him in this and even shares his apartment.

The hunt is on and we expect the action to be really a gripping one. With the investigator and the culprit going around singing songs and staying in adjacent apartments, you realize that it’s only a matter of time before the noose tightens.

Think logically and you will realize that the crime being done here can easily be caught by anyone who cares to monitor the action more closely at the ATM counter!

Among the other characters, Jayasurya plays a cop and a batch mate of Felix at the IPS Academy, who is in charge of the case from the Police department.

Samvrutha Sunil is a student at Venkitesh’s academy, who is desperately in love with him. Biju Menon is the Managing Director of the troubled bank and Lena plays his eye-candy secretary.

There are some nice moments in Robinhood, no denying that, but mostly things happen on a sheepishly predictable track. Scenarists Sachi-Sethu had shown lots of promise with their earlier film, Chocolate, but here the duo have done an average show at best.

The visuals are pretty nice but the music, solely intended to thrill, is generally a letdown. Worse still, the choreography of songs like Priyanu Mathram… looks disgustingly outdated.

Prithviraj looks handsome, but why do he have to wear the same outfits during his escapades, which looks like a uniform after a while? Narain portrays an almost eccentric character and has done a decent job but his roving eye often looks artificial.

Bhavana has nothing much to do in the whole film except perhaps during the song’n’ dance routine and Samvrutha Sunil is particularly loud during her scenes where she is doing everything to attract the hero. Jayasurya is visibly uncomfortable playing an IPS officer, a character with ordinary brains.

Biju Menon is shown as someone too eager to announce that he is the baddie in the story. In all fairness, Robinhood is a watchable fare but it gives the feeling that things could have been much better if the makers had approached it with more passion.

The basic concept is quite interesting but the makers of the film fail to transform the charm on to the screen, beyond a point. Go and watch it with no expectations and you may feel it’s an okay attempt after all.

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  1. Jithin P.A says:

    I felt Jayasurya was waste in this movie who wo had many hits following into this movie like ivar vivahitharatyaal and blac & white.
    Jay’s role should hav been given to some new comers as this role didnt demended any particular skills or importance

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