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Apoorvaraagam – Review

Posted by Admin On July - 22 - 2010

In his 25th year in films Sibi Malayil seems to have attempted a different genre in ‘Apoorva Raagam’. The director in a distinctive story has accomplished to make a ‘watchable’ movie, though not in the league of his bests. The director who had rarely attempted movies with fresh faces, finds it difficult to make them play to his tunes and that seem to be the biggest flaw in the movie which is otherwise a passable fare with some brilliant twists.

The movie has Roopesh (Nishan) and Tommy (Asif Ali) as college mates and best friends who are always found together in the campus. When Roopesh develops an interest towards Nancy (Nithya), Tommy finds ways to unite them through very innovative ways. And when they realise that Nancy’s millionaire dad wouldn’t allow them to live together, Tommy with the help of their friends gets them married before a registrar. We are in no position to narrate any further as it will be a spoilsport for all those who are getting ready to meet these youngsters at theatres.

The narrative of the film takes a different course from the ordinary and is structured as a campus love story in the former half and a thriller in the later. It may not be the most interesting film produced in the recent times, but it does hold your attention intermittently. Together with the fresh writers, Sibi spins a tale that’s good in parts.

The graph of the film slides downwards in the post-interval portions, where the narrative suddenly gets slow, the turn of events aren’t as captivating with a share of loose ends. The revelations ala Abbas-Mustan films ,that comes up after an hour appear as a big blow in your face and you are sure to find faces in the theatres unable to digest the shockers in the  proceedings .

The technical crew of the movie is in par with the narratives with Ajayan Vincent’s cinematography creating some eye pleasing visuals. Though the songs of the movie are by Vidyasagar, none of them has the soul to find themselves in the hit charts, which is a big letdown for a movie with youngsters.

Of the leads of the film Nithya Menon once again proves herself to be able to handle heavier roles with ease. While her male partners are not so convicting in their roles, Asif Ali is Ok in parts and seems to have taken the role a bit more casual. Nishan continues with his ‘Rithu’ makeover, but appears less impressive with wooden faces towards the climax that demanded much more. Vinay as Narayan is another promising find who mesmerises you with his makeovers. He portrays the gamut of emotions with aplomb and delivers a flawless performance, becoming another highlight of the movie. Some of the actor’s including the one who played the heroine’s dad fails to rise up to the demands of the roles.

‘Apoorva Raagam’ is definitely an appreciable attempt for its different content. Though a prospect for a taut edge of the seat thriller, which it isn’t due to its not-too-happening post-interval portions. But Mollywood audience who always keeps a double standards in analysing movies, may not be the easiest customers to satisfy by this movie, especially as it is coming from Sibi Malayil.

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  1. Shaji Thomas says:

    Sibi, the 25th film by Sibi unbelievable. The 1st few movies were better than the last few. Casting, music, visual no way its not a movie of this age.

  2. sanoj kumar says:

    ഈ പടം ഞാന്‍ കണ്ടത്തില്‍ എട്ടുവം വെള്ളിയ എക്ഷ്പെരിഅഒകെദ് പടം ആണ് ..ഈലവുരും കന്ന്ന്ട് ഇരിക്യുനം,,,,,,,,,, അപ്പോര്‍വരാഗം ………………

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