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Elsamma Enna Aankutty – Review

Posted by Admin On September - 12 - 2010

‘Elsamma Anna Ankutty’ is a movie that might not satisfy the critics. Mostly, because we expect a lot from this master director.  But still none can deny the fact that this movie is a descent family entertainer which might turn out to be a hit.

The story is nothing new. The film is about Elsamma , who takes up the responsibility of her family from a very young age. She works really hard to look after her 3 young sisters and ageing mother (kpac lalitha). Kunchako Boban plays the role of Palunni , Elsammas friend, who never has the courage to reveal his love for her. Indrajith plays Aby, Nedumudis (paappan) grandchild who comes to the village from Bangalore along with his friends . Most part of the movie is a collection of age old cliches.Like the scene in which the Indrajith’s sister (who comes from city to the village to stay with grandparents) , gets angry at Elsamma for not knocking the door before entering her bedroom. The next time she shouts at Elsamma for making the chicken too spicy. We have seen such scenes countless number of times in films made in all languages.

The story doesn’t move much forward . A few good comedy scenes ..nice songs..beautiful locations and at the end the villain is sent to the jail…hero gets the heroine. Ellaam shubham.

I would say this is the movie in which actually Lal Jose magic works. Probably he is the only director who can make a watchable movie out of this loose script which has nothing special to offer. Sindhuraj is lucky to get a director like him. Had it been directed by anyone else, Elsamma enna aankutty would hav been a huge disaster at the box office. Lal Jose manages to get the attention of the audience throught the length of the movie without making them look at the watch every 5 minutes.

Performance wise. Ann Augustine, who plays Elsamma, shows some promise considering that this is her first movies. She manages to come out with a descent performance. Indrajith and Kunchacko Boban did their parts really well. Nedumudi Venu, Jagathy Sreekumar and KPAC Lalitha has nothing new to do in this movie. They just had to continue what they have been doing for the last few decades.

The location selected by Lal Jose is really picturesque and adds to the flavor of the movie. Credit should also go to the cameraman Vijay Ulaganath for making each frame in the movie look elegant. Background music had a new freshness in it. Music by Rajamani is good and really suites the pace of the movie. The new voice introduced, Achu Rajamani , sounds quite different and we might hear him a lot in the future.

Overall this is a movie that will attract the family audience and mostly will turn out to be a hit. But ‘Elsamma Enna Ankutty’ is another example for the scarcity of good scripts in Malayalam.

Review By : midhunmail77

2 Responses to “Elsamma Enna Aankutty – Review”

  1. ashwin says:

    nice review.
    saw the movie.i think it will b a super hit.

  2. Malayalam Movies says:

    Good and sincere review, thanks. I watched the movie after I read this review. Dint find anything special in the storyline, but I am now a fan of Ann Augustine, she has great potentials.

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