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“Its Time You Cheer” Theme Song

Posted by Admin On July - 27 - 2012

“Its Time You Cheer” is a song composed for YouTube by Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire asking Indians to Cheer for their Stars at London 2012 Olympic Games. Sing along and show your support by sharing with your friends and family.


Aap agar….saath hai…..
toh zindagi …..saath hai….!!

aap agar….saath hai…..
toh jeet bhi saath hain….!!!

ik jazbaa dil mein hai…..
ik sapnaa aankhon mein
meri manzil saamne khaddi….

badi mushkil raahein thi
par dil mein chaahein thi
lo faisle ki aa gayee ghadi….

aap agar….saath hai…..
toh zindagi saath hai!!

aap agar saath hai
toh jeet bhi saath hain….

dil mein ehsaas hai khaas hai….
humse ummeedein lagi

duniyaa se aaj hum to takrayenge
agar har dil apne saath ho……..

har ummeed aapki
har armaan aapka
viswaason ko hum kandhe pe liye

duniyaa se ladenge
aage hi badhenge
himmat le ke hum to chal diye….

aap agar saaath hai
toh darr ki kyaa baat hai

aap agar saath hai
mushkilon pe maat hai

aap agar saath hai
zindagi saath hai

aap agar saath hai
jeet bhi saath hain….

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