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Producer Bonny Duggal Launch Party

Posted by Admin On December - 1 - 2012

Producer of London Dreams Bonny Duggal launches his new entertainment office in New Delhi. The evening saw many Bollywood and industrialist faces like Bollywood Actor Jackei Shroff, director Priyadarshan, Vinita Menon, Chandradath Singh (Ambassador of Trindad), Ashish Saraf, Katerina (Counsel Third Secretary), Yogesh Kochhar, Arjun Thappar( JCT Group), Dimple Fouzdar, Supreet Suri, Romila Bachchan and Mohit Burman. Bonny Dugal Said, “I am very happy to launch my new office in New Delhi the heart of India. I choose Delhi because the city has lots of talent I want provide them a new platform.”

Priyadarshan was seen discussing with Jackie shroff about his forthcoming project he said, “Directing is my passion and I am here to congrats bonny about his success in entertainment world.” Vinita was seen appreciating the work of Bonny Duggal.

Jackie Shroff Said, “I am happy that Delhi is a new hub of Entertainment world. Entertainment is a big business and everyone wants to attach with it.” Romila Bachchan was seen congratulating bonny she said, “After opening an office in New Delhi Bonny is reaching on success of heights. I am happy it’s great to be here.”

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